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The Waterloo & City Line

The London Underground's Waterloo & City line is represented on the London Tube map by a turquoise line. It is the shortest of the Tube lines measuring just under 1.5 miles and features only two stops - Bank and Waterloo. Despite this, the line still handles 9.6 million journeys every year.

The line exists solely to serve commuters between the City of London and Waterloo. It does not operate on Sundays or in the evening (since offices are generally closed at this time) and the ride is only 4 minutes from end to end.

waterloo and city tube line map

The London & South Western Railway served Waterloo station in 1848 but the location of the terminus served to make access to the City of London difficult. A short, dedicated tube line was proposed and the Waterloo & City Railway came into being, opening in July 1898 and operated by the London & South Western Railway.

Map Colour Turquoise
Year Operated 1898
Year Opened 1898
Year Named 1898
Length 1.5mi (2.4km)
Journeys 10,000,000
Stations Bank