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Arsenal Tube Station

Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway (GNP&BR) opened Arsenal tube station as Gillespie Road on 15 December 1906. It was later renamed the Piccadilly line after the consolidation and nationalisation of the Tube network as London Underground. Leslie Green designed the station building and ticket hall that were clad in red terracotta similar to neighbouring stations such as Caledonian Road and Holloway Road.

Located on a narrow Victorian residential street away from any main roads. The station building when it was built was squeezed between properties on each side occupying the width of two terraced houses. In the 1930s it was demolished and rebuilt demolishing an extra house and was replaced with a station of a more modern design. It has one of the narrowest frontages of all stations and is unusual that it has no bus routes pass its entrance.


Station Address:

    Arsenal Station
    London Underground Ltd.
    Highbury Hill
    N5 1LP

Station Facilities:

Arsenal Underground Stations has the following facilities.

    Help PointsHelp Points
    Ticket HallsTicket Halls


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