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Victoria Line

Map Colour: Light Blue
Year Operated: 1968
Year Opened: 1968
Year Named: 1968
Length: 13.25 Miles (21.2km)
Journeys: 183,000,000 / year
Stations: Walthamstow Central
Blackhorse Road
Tottenham Hale
Seven Sisters
Finsbury Park
Highbury & Islington
King's Cross St. Pancras
Warren Street
Oxford Circus
Green Park

The Victoria Line is represented on the London Tube Map by  a light blue line and runs from Brixton to Walthamstow Central.  It handles 183 million journeys every year and serves 16 stations on its 13-mile length.

The proposal for the new line, running from Victoria to Walthamstow, came from a British Transport Commission working party in 1948 in order to ease congestion in Central London.  Work began on the line in 1962 and continued until 1972 despite the line formally opening in 1968.   The Brixton extension was approved in 1967 and the Pimlico station in 1968.

London Tube Map Victoria Line
Image taken from the Victoria Line article on Wikipedia.

The line was built to ease congestion on other lines - most urgently the Piccadilly line
as well as provide more interchanges between other lines. Every line on the Victoria
line is an interchange, save for Pimlico.